Looking back at Drop Beat Dad

dropbeatdadReal talk you guys: Steven is strong. We know that now (heck, did you see Joy Ride?), but this is the first time a character commented out loud about it (if you don’t count a “Whoa!” from Peridot in When it Rains).

But, real talk, we’re not going to spend this whole post real talking with you (though, real talk, we really like to real talk): Marty totally violated the sanctity of the real talk. He does stuff like that, apparently.

Why he would hitch his horse to a loser like Guacola is beyond us, but apparently he needed them a lot more than they needed him: according to Ronaldo, Guacola was sponsoring anyone who could feasibly get them any exposure at all. Apparently Marty isn’t as good a pitch man as he says he is (what a surprise).

So we get a rapprochement between Sour Cream and Yellowtail, which is great, but we also get a check for ten million dollars being put into Greg’s hands which will directly cause the next episode, Mr. Greg to happen.

Marty may not be good for much (least of all promoting things, or being a dad), but he’s sure good for moving the plot along when it needs it. He also has buttons makes Zoolander references!