Steven Universe air times for May 25-31, 2015

All times are EDT.

3:00 PM: Watermelon Steven and Garnet’s Universe
3:30 PM: Warp Tour and The Test

3:00 PM: Future Vision and On the Run
3:30 PM: Maximum Capacity and Horror Club

3:00 PM: Shirt Club and Marble Madness
3:30 PM: Story for Steven and The Message

11:00 AM: Rose’s Scabbard
11:15 AM: Steven the Sword Fighter
11:30 AM: Marble Madness
11:45 AM: So Many Birthdays

11:00 AM: Winter Forecast
11:15 AM: Lars and the Cool Kids
11:30 AM: Maximum Capacity
11:45 AM: Coach Steven
6:00 PM: Warp Tour
6:15 PM: Marble Madness
6:30 PM: The Message
6:45 PM: Political Power
7:00 PM: The Return
7:15 PM: Jailbreak
7:30 PM: Full Disclosure
7:45 PM: Joy Ride