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The new episodes are unlocked on the app

As promised, anyone may view the six new episodes without logging in to the app. Just make sure to hit View All Shows after the app generates your mix, then make your way back to Steven Universe and you should find them ready for you to see.

The episodes are up early for those who can login

While the new episodes will be available to all on the app starting on Friday evening, they are currently available on the app and on’s video section for anyone with login information right now.

New episodes go live on November 10 at 6 PM EST, no login required

Cartoon Network has given us a time for the unlocking of the episodes on the app: 6 PM EST.

More than that, they’ve given us great news: no login will be required to see the episodes! Anyone with the app will be able to watch the new episodes, so make sure you do and enjoy!