Looking back at Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

Two forks, it’s fancy.

We go right from pizza bagels to delivering mountains of full-sized pizzas (Kiki may be a runner, but her arms are apparently in great shape too if she’s carrying all of those pizzas around town!). What a time to be alive!

Don’t let anyone say that Steven doesn’t value others’ privacy: he was pretty clearly distraught and apologetic when he found out that he had been in Kiki’s dream, showing that he still remembers what he learned back in The New Lars. (Not that Kiki’s holding it against him mind you, since having a dream warrior for a friend can be pretty handy whether or not you’re being stalked by a magical serial killer.)

It’s nice to see a show being up front with its moral (you have to make time for yourself too) without being too preachy about it (a problem lots of older programs had). It’s also nice to see the show referencing more anime (Evangelion gets the honor again this time).

Well, that’s it for today: there’s an awesome cheese rave at the pizza cave we need to get to. 🙂