Steven Universe air times for July 25-31, 2016

Don’t forget, this is our second week with a new episode every day!

All times are EDT.

Monday: Crystal Gem Jams
12:00 PM: Coach Steven
12:15 PM: Steven and the Stevens
12:30 PM: Jailbreak
12:45 PM: Sadie’s Song
7:00 PM: Restaurant Wars
7:15 PM: Beach City Drift

Tuesday: Party in Beach City
12:00 PM: So Many Birthdays
12:15 PM: Beach Party
12:30 PM: Alone Together
12:45 PM: Steven’s Birthday
7:00 PM: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service
7:15 PM: Restaurant Wars

Wednesday: Adventures at Funland
12:00 PM: Bubble Buddies
12:15 PM: Serious Steven
12:30 PM: Arcade Mania
12:45 PM: Watermelon Steven
7:00 PM: Monster Reunion
7:15 PM: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

Thursday: And the Cool Kids
12:00 PM: Lars and the Cool Kids
12:15 PM: Joy Ride
12:30 PM: The New Lars
12:45 PM: Beach City Drift
7:00 PM: Alone at Sea
7:15 PM: Monster Reunion

Friday: Lapis’ Lament
12:00 PM: Mirror Gem
12:15 PM: Ocean Gem
12:30 PM: The Return
12:45 PM: Jailbreak
1:00 PM: Chille Tid
1:15 PM: Same Old World
1:30 PM: Barn Mates
1:45 PM: Hit the Diamond
7:00 PM: Greg the Babysitter
7:15 PM: Alone at Sea

Saturday: Warp Master
1:00 PM: Cheeseburger Backpack
1:15 PM: Steven’s Lion
1:30 PM: Monster Buddies
1:45 PM: House Guest
2:00 PM: Island Adventure
2:15 PM: Warp Tour
2:30 PM: Sworn to the Sword
2:45 PM: Friend Ship

6:00 PM: Too Short to Ride
6:15 PM: The New Lars
6:30 PM: Beach City Drift
6:45 PM: Restaurant Wars
7:00 PM: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service
7:15 PM: Monster Reunion
7:30 PM: Alone at Sea
7:45 PM: Greg the Babysitter


    • Micah on July 25, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    I love the show steven universe

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