Funko mystery minis at Gamestop (and elsewhere)


Well, take a look at these guys: Funko mystery minis, bought at Gamestop. They’re available at other places, but here are the rarities for these boxes that cost $7 a piece (but for the rest of the week you can snag for $5 each at Gamestop):

In every case of twelve at Gamestop you will find:

  • Steven with shield
  • Steven giving the thumbs up
  • Steven in his Big Donut shirt (Gamestop exclusive)
  • Amethyst giving the thumbs up
  • Garnet without her gauntlets on
  • Pearl without her spear
  • Lapis
  • Lion (Gamestop exclusive)
  • Rose
  • Rose wearing her Mr. Universe shirt (Gamestop exclusive)

If you don’t buy at Gamestop, the exclusives are replaced by these three

  • Connie
  • Steven-Tag Amethyst
  • Another Lion (though it’s hard to say how it’s different)

In every case of twelve you will get one of these two:

  • Garnet wearing her gauntlets
  • Pearl with her spear

Finally, in every case of twelve you will find one of these three:

  • Onion
  • Peridot
  • Greg

So, what haul did you get?


    • Sena on July 21, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    I got normal Rose, Lion, Greg and Spear Pearl from Gamestop, thinking about going back tomorrow.

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