Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 35: Keystone Motel

PodcastTitleStevenBomb3GC13, Ken, Dakota, and Hunter discuss the second episode of #StevenBomb3: Keystone Motel.

We get to talk a lot about Garnet’s fury and patience, and learn about mer-men (they can’t resist good deals).

Greg is definitely living the high life: he’s wearing shirts with sleeves and he’s sleeping in motels now, and can afford to buy car wash brushes from non-axe murderers on the Internet.

On a more serious note, Steven Universe may very well be the best cartoon on the air right now for dealing with relationships. We definitely appreciate that.

Now: give us Opal!


    • Michipoo18 on July 15, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    Their fight was emotional and important…but at the same time they both knew they would get back together soon. They just wanted to fight for a bit and make up. Reaffirm their love for each other through a mini spat. I feel that’s why they resolved their fight so quick. Does that sound crazy? I’ve seen my parents do this on occasion. Yes, Steven pushed them towards making up faster….but i think they would have kissed and made up soon anyways. Now, their anger with Pearl i feel is much more serious and thus makes sense that it will take some time to fix.

    • theBSDude on July 16, 2015 at 11:43 am

    I think what you guys are missing about Sapphire is that she *says* the right things, but it’s not actually how she feels. She’s denying her anger, and she’s doing it in a very smart-person way: if you asked her about it, she’d say “of course I’m angry, but I’m not going to let my anger control me,” except she is letting it control her. She froze the room, and denied responsibility, saying it was inevitable.

    That denial is Sapphire’s big problem in this episode. She denies her anger, which means she denies Garnet’s anger, which means she denies Ruby’s anger. That’s why they unfused. The contrast with her and Ruby is that Ruby acts in the present without considering the future and Sapphire considers the future without acting in the present. She talks about how the problem won’t exist in the future, but she doesn’t take any action to bring that future about. She’s ignoring the problem, leaving other people to fix it, while giving exactly the right answer any time Ruby tries to call her on it.

      • Ken on July 19, 2015 at 12:09 am

      I think the extent to which she let it control her was minimal, and letting the problem solve itself, if you know for certain that it will solve itself, is fine. She didn’t deny her anger, she ignores the actions and feelings of others. That is the closest thing to a problem she had in this episode, but in context I think that was the right thing to do (to Ruby anyway, maybe not to Steven).

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