What to expect from On the Run

This one has a lot of promise. If you’ve seen the preview aired at MAGFest then you know the song is really good (as expected), and Steven and Amethyst head out for parts unknown. It would be best if the episode showed a bit of human society outside of Beach City, but all we know is that they ride the train somewhere. Will they be able to reach a town before the inevitable magical twist happens?

There’s a lot of stuff to hope for on this one. Will Amethyst spill some information about her past? Maybe we’ve been all wrong and she didn’t know the others until Rose was already around. Any backstory at all will be welcome, be it about the world, individual Crystal Gems, or anything in between.

Interestingly enough a clip in a commercial shows that the Crystal Gems have collected the defunct flask robonoids that Peridot left behind in Warp Tour. It doesn’t look like they dwell on it much, but they might slip a fact to us.