What to expect from Fusion Cuisine

A while ago we were promised mothers in Beach City. Expect Fusion Cuisine to follow through on that promise and show us what Connie’s mother looks like.

This episode should be about all three of the Crystal Gems fusing together to pretend to be Steven’s mother. Presumably Garnet’s rather interesting method of conversation is one of the catalysts for the fusion: each Crystal Gem has her flaws, so Steven hopes that by combining them together he’ll get all of their best traits in one Gem.

Expect that not to go so well, if the original name for this episode was in fact Fusion Crime. If there are severe personality problems then it’s probably too early for Steven to use his fusion powers to fuse with the resulting Gem and stabilize it, but anything is possible.

We’ll be watching to see how a multi-fusion works: will all three of them fuse at the same time, or will two fuse first then the third will fuse with the resulting fusion Gem?