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What could Three Gems and a Baby mean?

It’s an episode about the past, so of course we’ll be talking about future vision (that big question that we’ll probably never be able to answer). Also, we yet again get a question about what might happen to Steven.

This is, of course, speculation, so we have no answers for you. There are also some …

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Here comes a thought: have we seen other fusions hallucinate?

Mindful Education has made us mostly wonder about previous episodes of the show: we’ve seen what it looks like from the inside when Stevonnie is under stress and hallucinating, but we’ve seen other fusions de-fuse as well. Have any of them been hallucinating at the time of their de-fusion?

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What could Buddy’s Book mean?

Why do there have to be episodes with so many questions and so few answers? Yes, they’re fun to wonder about, but… Alright, they’re very fun to wonder about actually. Buddy’s Book is definitely high up on the list of unanswered questions though. Still, read on, and we’ll ask those questions, and try to answer what …

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What could Hit the Diamond mean?

Take us out to the ballgame, take us out to the questions! (Alright, that’s not how the song goes, but work with us.) Do you ever leave a baseball game wishing you had the answers to some very important questions? Well we had some questions after we saw Hit the Diamond, so come ponder with us.

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What could Same Old World mean?

Flashbacks are great: they’re typically very pertinent to our interests, being about stuff we’ve wanted to know about for a while. We can also hope they might foreshadow the arrival of new characters.

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What could Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill mean?

Have you ever seen something happen in an episode and you really, really wanted it to be setting something up to happen later in the series? Like really wanted it? We have questions about Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill, of course, but we have at least one hope as well.

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What haven’t we learned yet about the Great Diamond Authority?

Oh Ronaldo, you amaze us: who could have expected that he would not only be right about Gemkind being led by Diamonds, but that the Diamonds were called the Great Diamond Authority? During #StevenBomb4 we learned about them (from a non-prophetic source) for the first time, so there’s plenty to wonder about.

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What could #StevenBomb4 mean about shapeshifting?

Green grass on the left, dead grass on the right.

We’ve finally got an answer to one question: yes, Steven can shapeshift to modify his form. While we’ve learned about shapeshifting’s energy drain though, it leaves us wondering about the mechanics of this seemingly universal feature of gemkind.

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What could #StevenBomb4 mean?

We got The Answer (and more answers as well!), but you can never have an episode that gives you answers without delivering a heaping helping of questions. What chance would five episodes have of foiling fate? Here’s what we’ll be wondering about soon:

We know that Steven can shapeshift now (remember, he was stretching …

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What could Too Far mean?

Do you ever wonder if all of the stuff we’re learning about the Gem homeworld is building up to anything? There’s a lot of season two remaining, after all, but we’ve already learned so much about the homeworld.

It’s just a thought—something to consider. Let’s wonder a bit about some stuff from Too Far, shall we?

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