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Answer: Pink’s ship is a pair of legs

After Lion 4: Alternate Ending aired we wondered whether the ship at Rose’s desert trash dump, the ship that was most certainly Pink Diamond’s ship, was an arm or a pair of legs. Well, now that Legs From Here to Homeworld has aired we have our answer: Pink Diamond had a leg ship.

However it isn’t as …

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Answer: Rose was Pink Diamond

Be honest, it was foreshadowed pretty heavily.

We never put forth the question of whether Rose could be Pink Diamond because even very early on we considered it highly likely that she was, though back then Chille Tid was the most recent episode and all we had to go on was the significance of Rose …

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Answer: Steven’s character development has been throwing off Garnet’s future vision

For a while we’ve been baffled about how very fallible Garnet’s future vision has been presented in some cases and how very effective it’s been in others—see Future Boy Zoltron for an example of her displaying a masterful command over her future vision, for instance.

Ever since Future Vision we’ve more or less had it right: Garnet’s …

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Answer: The damage from a kindergarten is permanent

This one was only ever kind of a mystery. With the airing of Log Date 7 15 2 we concluded that Gems had to consume some kind of life force from a world to create more of their own kind. Heck, right after we first saw the kindergarten in On the Run we figured as much.

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Question: Is the ship from Lion 4 an arm or a pair of legs?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind. (Alright, maybe not everyone, but people have certainly noticed and brought it up.) This is, of course, assuming that it’s a ship. Still, let’s go ahead and make that assumption.

Certainly it is made to look like a pair of legs. That would be a very new kind of …

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Question: How does Rose’s room work?

After Storm in the Room we know more than ever about how Rose’s room works, but we also learned that it’s still a huge mystery to us.

Each episode it has been featured in has told us more about the room:

In its debut episode, Rose’s Room, we saw the basics: its limits in processing capacity, how …

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Question: How strong is Amethyst?

Amethyst started the series as the least effective warrior of the Crystal Gems: far weaker than Garnet, she seemed to have a knack for using her whip to place herself or the team in danger, and little else. After Reformed she started fighting quite a bit smarter, but what is her potential for raw power?

We …

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Answer: Pearls are servants

While it was eventually a win for following the clues, the path to figuring out the purpose of Pearls wasn’t without its red herrings.

The first idea was that Pearls were technicians and were eventually replaced by Peridots. Considering how good Pearl is with technology, especially how she was able to make the Universe Mach 3 so …

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Question: What repaired the Geode?

The ending of House Guest is quite difficult to interpret: Steven tries to repair the Geode with his healing saliva, and despite his regained confidence he fails. However there is no need to fear, as Greg quickly saves the day with a complex human tool: high-quality duct tape!

It shouldn’t be hard to understand why this …

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Answer: Garnet is a fusion

This is a mystery that was finally officially answered quite some time ago (a year ago exactly, allowing for it being a leap year this year) when Jailbreak aired. We met Ruby and Sapphire, then they fused together to form Garnet again. Though it’s obviously not timely, we’ve chosen it as our first Answer because it was …

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