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Aivi and Surasshu post: Reconcilliation

This time from Keystone Motel, Aivi and Surasshu have posted Reconcilliation (1:32) for us to enjoy.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Enticement

Another song posting! Today we get Enticement (0:27), another song that Aivi and Surasshu made for Cry For Help.


Jeff Liu posts: Tower of Mistakes

Ah, Mr. Liu is getting in on the action again. He has posted Amethyst’s song from Cry For Help: Tower of Mistakes (0:54). The demo version (1:14) is also up if you’d like to listen to it.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Sardonyx

Well that was pleasantly quick! Aivi and Surasshu have posted the theme for Sardonyx (2:00). It’s so lively and upbeat (so very fitting), but don’t take our word for it: listen to it yourself.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Gem Shards

We have another song posted to Soundcloud by Aivi and Surasshu. This time it’s Gem Shards (2:49) from Keeping it Together. Just keep it together while you listen to it.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Young Gems

Ah, another older song, this time from Story for Steven. It seems that the crunch time for the season two music is finally over, as Aivi and Surasshu have come through again: Young Gems (1:46) is up for you to listen to and enjoy.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Full Disclosure

Well this one is going a bit back. After the second #StevenBomb has finished airing, we get something from the first from Aivi and Surasshu. Still, it’s great to have Full Disclosure (1:36) posted.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Do It For Her

This was a very musical #StevenBomb. Aivi and Surasshu have posted Do It For Her (2:17), so you’ll listen for them, and you would listen again.


Aivi and Surasshu post: What Can I Do For You

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new song to post, but Aivi and Surasshu have delivered the goods: What Can I Do For You (2:28), from We Need to Talk is up and ready to be listened to.


Song of the week: Reunion

Aw, with such a loving group hug at the end of Reformed how could we not go with Reunion as the song of the week? It wasn’t just Steven happy to have Amethyst back, it was everyone: Garnet, Pearl, and all of us watching at home.