Looking back at Too Short to Ride

tooshorttorideJust look at Peridot: this episode understands us. We forgive it for not being a Stevonnie episode, because at the very least it featured a roller coaster! (Still, not even a single Alexandrite joke? Step it up Crewniverse!)

This episode, despite being a fun romp (or two thirds of a fun romp) through Funland, actually dropped a big doozie of a lore bomb towards the end: according to Peridot, Homeworld is facing a resource shortage. Now not long after we got a great reason to think that wasn’t true, but it would be even more interesting if the cake resource shortage was a lie.

We also got a real-world Peridot Twitter account out of this episode! (It’s a good’un.)

Other than that, final thoughts? Good old Onion, says we.