Steven Universe air times for July 18-24, 2016

Don’t forget that there are five days of episode premiers this week!

All times are EDT.

7:00 PM: Steven Floats
7:15 PM: Drop Beat Dad

Tuesday: Keep Beach City Weird!
12:00 PM: Cat Fingers
12:15 PM: Keep Beach City Weird
12:30 PM: Horror Club
12:45 PM: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies
7:00 PM: Mr. Greg
7:15 PM: Steven Floats

Wednesday: Steven’s Lion
12:00 PM: Steven’s Lion
12:15 PM: Lion 2: The Movie
12:30 PM: Lion 3: Straight to Video
12:45 PM: Rose’s Scabbard
7:00 PM: Too Short to Ride
7:15 PM: Mr. Greg

Thursday: The Big Donut
12:00 PM: Gem Glow
12:15 PM: So Many Birthdays
12:30 PM: Joking Victim
12:45 PM: Steven Floats
7:00 PM: The New Lars
7:15 PM: Too Short to Ride

Friday: Mr. Universe
12:00 PM: Ocean Gem
12:15 PM: House Guest
12:30 PM: Space Race
12:45 PM: Maximum Capacity
1:00 PM: Story for Steven
1:15 PM: We Need to Talk
1:30 PM: Keystone Motel
1:45 PM: Steven’s Birthday
7:00 PM: Beach City Drift
7:15 PM: The New Lars

Saturday: Tour of Beach City
1:00 PM: Arcade Mania
1:15 PM: Frybo
1:30 PM: Lars and the Cool Kids
1:45 PM: Beach Party
2:00 PM: Steven and the Stevens
2:15 PM: Joking Victim
2:30 PM: Space Race
2:45 PM: Sadie’s Song