What to expect from Open Book

It’s an episode where two characters are in a room that will do anything they ask. Steven knows not to ask for too much, so we’re not going to see Rose’s room over-taxed again. What could possibly go wrong, then?

Well surely you’ve seen some variant of the killer VR plotline (the holodeck from Star Trek being a particularly dangerous example), so hopefully Open Book will steer clear of such a common cliché (them being trapped inside until they resolve the story won’t count as an avoidance). If that’s avoided, though, it’s hard to predict what twist they could introduce to the episode—there are just too many possibilities.

No big backstory information is expected in Open Book, so look forward to a great Steven and Connie episode. Unless, of course, the episode turns out to be mostly about telling a seemingly unrelated story, like Garnet’s Universe was, in which case we’ll have to go into overdrive playing Spot the Foreshadowing (really we should have seen Hopper and Hoppy as representing Ruby and Sapphire far earlier than we did).