Ratings for Lion 3: Straight to Video

Still improving, Lion 3: Straight to Video pulled in 1,921,000 viewers according to ShowBuzz Daily.

That’s the last we’ll be seeing for the ratings of the show until 2015 when we get back to new premiers.

Immediate reaction to Lion 3: Straight to Video

We wanted characterization, and I think we got a lot of it. If you’re a lore aficionado then you should be very pleased by the episode. We didn’t learn enough to really edit the Backstory page, and the concrete lore we’ve learned is also rather low, but this week we’ve got a lot of fodder for the speculation mill. So much fodder…

Also: classic Pearl. 🙂

What to expect from Lion 3: Straight to Video

This one has the potential to be quite strong in characterization, if not lore. Up until now in the series, we’ve only known Rose from images and others’ memories of her (though we’ve also heard her voice, it was merely the tiny floating whale using it for five words).

That all might change after this episode. If you look at the promo image for Lion 3: Straight to Video, you can see Steven clutching what appears to be a video tape. We know that Rose Quartz’s voice actress has been in the studio (she even recorded a song, and we might just get to hear it this episode), so could we finally get to see some of her in motion? If that isn’t enough reason to get hyped, we don’t know what is.

Song of the week: After These Messages

So we had a week without Steven. That’s alright: we get to see a new episode this week! And even though we’ll have at least one week off after Lion 3: Direct to Video airs, we know Steven will come back to us yet again… After These Messages.



Steven Universe air times for December 1-7, 2014

All times are EST.

6:30 PM: Fusion Cuisine
6:45 PM: Serious Steven

2:00 PM: Laser Light Cannon
2:15 PM: Gem Glow
2:30 PM: Cheeseburger Backpack
2:45 PM: Cat Fingers
6:30 PM: Island Adventure
6:45 PM: Steven’s Lion

6:30 PM: Monster Buddies
6:45 PM: Space Race

6:30 PM: Lion 3: Straight to Video
6:45 PM: Watermelon Steven

6:30 PM: Garnet’s Universe
6:45 PM: An Indirect Kiss

6:45 PM: Island Adventure

Ratings for Watermelon Steven

We finally have the numbers for Watermelon Steven. If the ratings for Garnet’s Universe were impressive considering the fact that the network wasn’t on Dish, Watermelon Steven should be amazing: 1,828,000 viewers according to TV Media Insights.

All episodes from now on will be with the network situation back to normal (here’s to hoping they negotiate a more long-term contract), so expect to be back above two million from now on.

New episode: Lion 3: Straight to Video will air on December 4, 2014

We’re not going to have a new episode this week, but fear not: a new episode will air next week. Another Lion episode is always welcome, and this episode could go just about anywhere, considering the very basic synopsis.

Lion 3: Straight to Video
Lion won’t stop laying on Steven’s face while he sleeps.

Song of the week: Overgrown Brambles

We know what the bramble means!

Steven gained a fantastic new power in Watermelon Steven, and set some chickens out into the world that we can only hope are going to come home to roost. So with all of the excitement over the new power to create plant guardians, this week’s song of the week is Overgrown Brambles from An Indirect Kiss (the first hint we got of this power, though Lars and the Cool Kids did show an affinity for plant life by Rose).



Steven Universe air times for November 24-30, 2014

All times are EST.

10:30 AM: Fusion Cuisine
10:45 AM: Keep Beach City Weird!
11:00 AM: Garnet’s Universe
11:15 AM: Secret Team
11:30 AM: Monster Buddies
11:45 AM: Island Adventure
6:45 PM: Coach Steven

10:30 AM: Mirror Gem
10:45 AM: Ocean Gem
11:00 AM: House Guest
11:15 AM: Space Race
11:30 AM: Steven and the Stevens
11:45 AM: Watermelon Steven
6:45 PM: Joking Victim

6:45 PM: Monster Buddies

What could Watermelon Steven mean?

Watermelon Steven gave us some potential foreshadowing and sent some chickens out into the world who might one day come home to roost. We can’t be the only ones wondering where this will take us, can we?

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