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Looking back at Alone at Sea

Alas, it appears that poor Lil Lappy is doomed to always be the Misery and not the Happy Lappy. We know that as time goes on she cheers up a bit from her earlier days living free on Earth, but even as of Room for Ruby she’s still in an adjustment period (though obviously better off).

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Looking back at Monster Reunion

Oh poor Centipeetle… At least there was a happy ending!

After all of this time we still don’t know what Centipeetle’s actual name is. (Pearl mentions Nephrite in Bismuth, and that’s a green stone, so there are good odds she’s a Nephrite, but it’s still possible she’s something else.) She has the hair of a quartz, …

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Looking back at Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

Two forks, it’s fancy.

We go right from pizza bagels to delivering mountains of full-sized pizzas (Kiki may be a runner, but her arms are apparently in great shape too if she’s carrying all of those pizzas around town!). What a time to be alive!

Don’t let anyone say that Steven doesn’t value others’ privacy: …

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Looking back at Restaurant Wars

Alright, it’s time for another real talk: Kofi is great. Fryman is great. But they were both completely out of their minds in this episode. Let’s ignore Kofi trying to brand Steven (as in burn a VIP membership into his skin) and just look at how eager they were for war: Kofi has been sitting …

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Looking back at Beach City Drift

Is it wrong to be excited to see Kevin in ordinary lighting? He may be a creep, but only knowing what he looked like under the rave’s crazy lighting just felt wrong. Now we know, and knowing is half the street race.

Speaking of knowing helping you win a street race, who cares to guess …

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Looking back at The New Lars

Upon an initial viewing, The New Lars was some pretty intriguing stuff: Steven accidentally uses an upgraded version of his powers from Chille Tid and Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service to assume direct control of Lars, then gives us a great look at Lars’s relationship with others. We even saw his parents for the first time (sorry Mr. Smiley).

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Looking back at Too Short to Ride

Just look at Peridot: this episode understands us. We forgive it for not being a Stevonnie episode, because at the very least it featured a roller coaster! (Still, not even a single Alexandrite joke? Step it up Crewniverse!)

This episode, despite being a fun romp (or two thirds of a fun romp) through Funland, actually dropped …

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Looking back at Mr. Greg

Wherein Steven demonstrates that he’s willing and able to manipulate people for their own good. Also wherein we shake our legs for Mr. Greg!

Not that it’s bad that Steven finally helped Pearl and Greg get over their historical animosity (even if it was, admittedly, a speedy transition), but Steven is very much his mother’s …

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Looking back at Drop Beat Dad

Real talk you guys: Steven is strong. We know that now (heck, did you see Joy Ride?), but this is the first time a character commented out loud about it (if you don’t count a “Whoa!” from Peridot in When it Rains).

But, real talk, we’re not going to spend this whole post real talking with you …

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Finally: Steven Floats

Steven really said it for us: hello Beach City, it’s great to be back!

If there was one surprising revelation in this episode, it would probably be that the Crystal Gems weren’t heading back to the Temple daily when work was done. Come on: the nearest warp pad isn’t even that far away!

Of course …

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