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Ratings for Future Vision

It finally happened: for the first time since Secret Team aired Steven Universe has got back to the ratings it deserves. This week Future Vision premiered with 2,027,000 viewers.

Ratings for The Test

Well apparently not re-running at all this week didn’t hurt Steven Universe’s ratings: it hung in there against the other Cartoon Network premiers just as well as it always has and got 1,935,000 viewers on The Test‘s premier.

Ratings for Warp Tour

ShowBuzzDaily has the ratings for the premier of Warp Tour last night, and in addition to igniting a firestorm (the good kind) it pulled in a respectable 1,942,000 viewers.

Ratings for Lion 3: Straight to Video

Still improving, Lion 3: Straight to Video pulled in 1,921,000 viewers according to ShowBuzz Daily.

That’s the last we’ll be seeing for the ratings of the show until 2015 when we get back to new premiers.

Ratings for Watermelon Steven

We finally have the numbers for Watermelon Steven. If the ratings for Garnet’s Universe were impressive considering the fact that the network wasn’t on Dish, Watermelon Steven should be amazing: 1,828,000 viewers according to TV Media Insights.

All episodes from now on will be with the network situation back to normal (here’s to hoping they negotiate a more long-term …

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Ratings for Garnet’s Universe

A few days ago the ratings for Garnet’s Universe finally came in. Ratings seem to be up, as it managed 1,638,000 viewers. With the recent contract deal bringing Cartoon Network back to Dish Network, we should expect to get back to ratings above two million for new episodes starting with Lion 3: Direct to Video. All that’s …

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Ratings for Fusion Cuisine

Is seems that the ratings for Cartoon Network without Dish Network have found their bottom. Showbuzz Daily has Steven Universe putting up ratings similar to last week, at about 1,458,000 viewers for Fusion Cuisine. We’ll see a huge spike in the numbers for the series just as soon as this contract issue gets worked out.

Ratings for Keep Beach City Weird!

Not having Cartoon Network on Dish Network is continuing to hurt. TV Media Insights puts Keep Beach City Weird! at 1,446,000 viewers.

Ratings for Island Adventure

Ouch, it looks like Dish Network cutting Cartoon Network wasn’t good for ratings at all: according to TV Media Insights, Island Adventure only got 1,528,000 viewers on Thursday. None of the other premiers got within shouting distance of two million viewers either, so it looks like it was pain all around.

Ratings for Secret Team

Secret Team managed quite a feat: Zap2It says the show got 2,462,000 viewers last night, making it the highest-rated episode of the series so far.