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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 144: Beta

GC13, David, and Hunter talk about Beta (and the rest of the show too).

Beta can be considered two episodes: one lighthearted morp show in the barn, and one tour of the beta kindergarten (even getting dark at the end). This makes Beta the first episode where we’re cheated out of a big chunk of time hanging …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 143: Bismuth

GC13, Sophia, and David talk about Bismuth (and a fair bit about Bismuth as well).

Bismuth is a key episode for understanding the timeline, but it indicates that a lot of action was packed into the final three hundred years of the war: most crucially, Pink Diamond’s shattering and therefore the entire Cluster project.

So we …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 142: Wanted

Oh boy, were we waiting for this. GC13, Sophia, Isabelle, and David deliver a lengthy discussion of the Wanted event, covering Stuck Together, The Trial, Off Colors, and Lars’ Head.

From the surprise reveal of Topaz’s voice to Steven’s triumphant return to Earth, we obviously had plenty to talk about.

Do you like your TV shows happy or sad? …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 141: The soundtrack (volume one) track list

GC13, Isabelle, and David give us a bit of calm before Wanted airs, discussing the track list of the first volume of the soundtrack (and other soundtrack-related stuff).

It has almost everything. The only big absences are the Little Butler theme and the donut training video song, which are at least partially made up for …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 140: StevenBomb 6 (part two)

GC13, Isabelle, and David have the podcast’s second discussion of the sixth Steven Bomb.

How melodramatic did you think the bomb was? Even if you think it was, you can’t deny that Jamie can bring the real drama just as well as he can bring the melodrama.

Characters (and giant fusions) not being animated, the …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 139: Wanted hype

GC13 and Sophia get hyped for the Wanted event, coming up on Monday, May 29 (you won’t want to miss it). Since Stuck Together is part of the Wanted event, and has been posted on the Cartoon Network app to build hype, there will be some spoilers for the episode here.

So the Wanted promo has …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 138: StevenBomb 6 (part one)

GC13 and Sophia have a big discussion about the episodes in Steven Bomb 6 (and try to avoid speculating until next week, hard as that can be).

Oh boy, for those of you who have watched on the Cartoon Network app already, it was a big bomb, wasn’t it?

Don’t worry, we’ll be covering it …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 137: Steven vs Amethyst

GC13 and Sophia are here to talk about Steven vs Amethyst. Yes, the episode turned out to be far more innocuous than the title sounded back when we first learned about it, but Amethyst was still being hit with the feels.

This episode is a top contender on some favorite lists, and with moments like the …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 136: Crack the Whip

GC13 and Sophia talk about Crack the Whip (which, despite popular demand, was about Amethyst rather than being a crossover with Johnny Test 😉 ).

Despite some initial microphone difficulties, it’s an episode worth listening to because Crack the Whip is an episode worth watching. It has Stevonnie riding Lion into battle, for crying out loud. What …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 135: Gem Hunt

GC13, Sophia, and Hunter discuss an episode that it can be kind of hard to know how to feel about sometimes: Gem Hunt.

It’s an episode where important stuff happens, especially some crucial character building. However for whatever reason it just feels… Strange. It’s hard to place.

What’s easy to see, however, is how precious Pearl …

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