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Opal by Alioxinfri

The Steven Universe fandom needs more Opal in its life (doctor’s orders), and Alioxinfri has what we need. Make sure to check out the full-sized version on DeviantArt!

Lapis Lazuli by Michael Lee Lunsford

Who could say no to more Lapis? Not us. (We’re still hoping that the Crystal Gems are admitting multiple members this season and Lapis makes it in.) Michael Lee Lunsford has the full-size version posted on Tumblr, so go and take a look!

Shadows by Wolfgrl13


Inspired by the song “Shadows” by Lindsey Stirling, Wolfgrl13 (/u/ravegrl13 on Reddit) brings us this wonderful piece of fanart featuring Pearl and Holo-Pearl. You can check it out now via Reddit and on Instagram.

Fruity Sweaters! by Artic-Blue

Greg is a cherry man, but wouldn’t it be great if everyone else got in on the fun of wearing a fruit-themed sweater? Artic-Blue is here to deliver. Make sure to check out the full-size version on DeviantArt!

Rose Quartz by Deeum


Ah, Rose Quartz. As crucial as she is to the series, she remains largely in the background. Well artist Deeum has taken a good look at her and decided to give her some fanart. Make sure to check the full-size version on Tumblr.

Invader by Rice-Lily

More Peridot, this time battling two of the artist’s OCs with a very nice background. Check out the full-size version on DeviantArt!

True Peridot by LMsHangout

Alright, we held out as long as we could on this one. Warp Tour has aired three times, so it’s time!

Just look at her: ain’t she a gem? 😉

We know she was stern and all-business during her brief appearance in Warp Tour, but it just feels so right to see her smile. Isn’t she …

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Pillow Fights! by Klotz

Sadie and Lars don’t get enough fan art. Luckily Klotz comes riding in to the rescue with this nice picture. Check out the full-size version on Tumblr!

Alexandrite by rekka-jetti

Alexandrite is definitely an interesting fusion.  Here’s to hoping we learn more about her later. In the mean time, check out this drawing of her on rekka-jetti’s DeviantArt page.

“Thank You Steven” by Solstice-Rose

We have been eagerly awaiting the chance to post some Lapis Lazuli fan art. Ain’t she a Gem? Check it out on Deviant Art.