Season 5 is unlocked on the app

Want to refresh your memory on season five? The entire season is currently available on the Cartoon Network website and app for viewing without logging in with a cable provider. That includes:

  • Stuck Together
  • The Trial
  • Off Colors
  • Lars’ Head
  • Dewey Wins
  • Gemcation
  • Raising the Barn
  • Back to the Kindergarten
  • Sadie Killer
  • Kevin Party
  • Lars of the Stars
  • Jungle Moon
  • Your Mother and Mine
  • The Big Show
  • Pool Hopping
  • Letters to Lars
  • Can’t Go Back
  • A Single Pale Rose
  • Now We’re Only Falling Apart
  • What’s Your Problem?
  • The Question
  • Made of Honor
  • Reunited
  • Legs From Here to Homeworld
  • Familiar
  • Together Alone
  • Escapism
  • Change Your Mind

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