The Cartoon Network app is unlocked for the weekend

If you were hoping to spend the weekend watching Steven Universe then you’re in luck: the app and website have been unlocked, allowing all episodes to be seen without logging in with a TV provider’s information.

Here’s what that means you can see this weekend:

  • Stuck Together
  • The Trial
  • Off Colors
  • Lars’ Head
  • Dewey Wins
  • Gemcation
  • Raising the Barn
  • Back to the Kindergarten
  • Sadie Killer
  • Kevin Party
  • Lars of the Stars
  • Jungle Moon
  • Your Mother and Mine
  • The Big Show
  • Can’t Go Back
  • A Single Pale Rose
  • Now We’re Only Falling Apart
  • What’s Your Problem?
  • The Question
  • Made of Honor
  • Reunited
  • Legs From Here to Homeworld
  • Know Your Fusion
  • Steven’s Dream
  • Adventures in Light Distortion
  • I Am My Mom
  • Mr. Greg
  • Restaurant Wars
  • Alone At Sea
  • Crack the Whip
  • Shirt Club
  • Chille Tid
  • Keystone Motel
  • Too Far
  • Cat Fingers
  • Steven the Sword Fighter
  • On the Run

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