Looking back at Monster Reunion

Oh poor Centipeetle… At least there was a happy ending!

After all of this time we still don’t know what Centipeetle’s actual name is. (Pearl mentions Nephrite in Bismuth, and that’s a green stone, so there are good odds she’s a Nephrite, but it’s still possible she’s something else.) She has the hair of a quartz, but not the shiny gem of a quartz. Curious…

As nicely illustrated as Centi’s history lesson was (as far as flashbacks go, it was a great choice of art style for such a broad overview), we didn’t learn all that much we didn’t already know. Having her perspective of it was neat though, and we did learn that the Homeworld Gems didn’t know why they were evacuating the planet in such a hurry.

Of course earlier in the episode Pearl had already confirmed what Same Old World had showed us: that the Diamonds were responsible for unleashing the corruption onto Earth. As we’ll surely discuss when we get to Earthlings, it’s quite interesting that Jasper seems unaware of the origins of corruption…


    • SUfan on January 30, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    A Quartz is characterized by a big build not just wild hair. Perhaps Jasper doesn’t know because Homeworld was never told. Perhaps it was kept a secret or something.

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