Steven Universe air times for March 7-13, 2016

All times are EST.

6:00 PM: On the Run
6:15 PM: Chille Tid
6:30 PM: The Return
6:45 PM: Jailbreak
7:00 PM: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies
7:15 PM: Sworn to the Sword
7:30 PM: Nightmare Hospital
7:45 PM: Keystone Motel


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  1. why does cartoon network hate us?

      • gc13 on March 6, 2016 at 4:31 pm

      Cartoon Network is a afflicted with a crippling fear of money and critical acclaim. You just have to let them get through it so they can work up the nerve to air new episodes.

      1. like many others, im losing my patience.

    • Mystique on March 7, 2016 at 5:12 am

    I originally came here to bitch about the hiatus, but what’s the f***ing point. Steven Universe makes me so happy, even just thinking about the show, but then I’m reminded of the hiatus, it makes me sad…

  2. Hopefully Cartoon Network will come around and give us new episodes as soon as possible

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