Looking back at Message Received

happymechperidotAnd here it is: the master of overshadowing. Yellow Diamond herself, with the added bonus of a Pearl who doesn’t care because she doesn’t have to—she’s with the homeworld.

While in the first viewing it’s not immediately obvious what Peridot’s plan is (though Peridot’s redemption is still pretty likely even if you hadn’t seen the preview for Log Date 7 15 2), there are enough clues in her dialogue for her it to be clear that she was siding with Earth even at the start of the episode. Poor Peridot just wanted more episodes of Camp Pining Hearts, and Yellow Diamond simply wasn’t having any of it.

It was great seeing Amethyst have a moment just like one Jake from Adventure Time might have: being too mad to be able to come up with a mean nickname for Peridot. Pearl also did a great job at missing the point when she told Steven he could feed bad all he wanted back at the temple. Comedy gold, as always.

Of course, even if this was just the episode that finally confirmed that we’d be getting Peridot joining the team, it would be plenty great. That we got so much else too is just spoiling us.

Again, seeing Yellow Diamond was impressive. She’s a very business-oriented leader, not the mystical, distant ruler that Blue Diamond seemed to be.

Finally, a fun fact to just take note of: the moon base’s top room had blue glass, and we know that Earth was ruled (in the end, anyway) by Blue Diamond. The base Yellow Diamond was in during her call with Peridot had pink glass. Interesting, isn’t it?