What to expect from Space Race

Tomorrow we get to see Space Race. In the episode preview, we can see Steven and Greg working on a “space ship” that looks suspiciously like a soapbox car with either a sparkler or a firework rocket in the back, presumably after Pearl lamented the loss of her days of traveling the stars.

It’s anyone’s guess where they go with it. We’re sure to have official confirmation that the Crystal Gems themselves are, like Lapis, from another world. Mr. Burnett has indicated that we might even get confirmation that they haven’t left Earth yet, though that might just be implied by Pearl’s lament.

However, like all of the preview clips we don’t have any idea where the meat of the episode is going to come from. Will we get to see the Galaxy Warp for ourselves? Will Pearl resolve to build a spaceship herself? Simply a flashback episode where Pearl explains what it was like?

All of these possibilities are exciting, which is what makes us anticipate this episode so much.